mythology: the magic of narrative

 the magic of narrative

 new mythology thru media

In my personal artistic practice and through the work of Exittheapple, I seek always to create new mythology through media, particularly in regards to nontraditional and off the beaten track representations of people of color. I work to connect with fellow humans through art and the universal principles of storytelling, love, and joy. Click here to check out my artist statement, or read below for the nutshell version. 

Speaking & Panels

Occasionally, I am asked to share words with people who are interested in art, film, unlocking creative potential, thinking together about black cinema history, guerilla artistic practice, community arts engagement, etc. 

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Occasionally, I work as a creative consultant with individuals or groups who want an outside eye on their process or project. Occasionally, I teach a class or two in my artspace or another institution as a visiting artist from the elementary to university level. 

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Performance / Standup

Occasionally, I perform live: with my puppetry/object performance collective The Drapetomaniacs, as a DJ creating eclectic vinyl soundscapes spanning genres and timelines; as a stand-up comedian.

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