Visual Art: Selected Works

Visual Art: Selected Works

Paintings, Collage, Built Objects, Illustrations, and ongoing Projects

I studied formally in film & fine art at Pratt Institute and currently live and work in Baltimore, MD.
I relish working with found and repurposed materials because I am enamored with the story implied in the object. Why was it discarded? What was its former life? Once I have created a painting, portrait, collage, or film using this material, does its previous life speak to its new context in a compelling way? This conversation/tension between an original piece and a subsequent creative use harkens back to sampling, as expressed in graffiti and hip hop, the creative garden in which I grew.
This theme also shows in my use of found footage/visual ephemera in my film and video work, the way my DJ sets mash technique and genre in unexpected ways.
As society and culture gets more disposable I want us to give another look at those things we throw away; I work to find the eternal in the temporary. Click Here to read my artists statement; view selected works below. 

The Art Of Riding Giants

The Blues People

To See

The Cloud

Paintings & Drawings: Selected works on Paper, Canvas, and Wood 2004-2016